Built-in accessibility in authoring tools


Oct 28, 2021 from 4:10 PM to 4:50 PM

Track 2

Accessibility legislation already covers public sector, and in a couple of years, parts of the private sector will need to comply with the requirements as well. Both ICT-supplers and web authors struggle with meeting the needs of people with disabilities - and the authoring tools could do a much better job in providing support. Web authors shouldn't have to be accessibility experts to creat accessible content. Helping them to make it right from the start is much more efficient than remediating mistakes afterwards. That's why market leading accessibility company Funka joined forces with leading authoring tool producers and providers - including Kitkoncept from the Plone community - to develop by deafult accessibility features, that are free for anyone to implement. The project was funded by the European Commission and the resulting features are based on user research, created in a collaborative way, tested with large numbers of web authors and published online, together with guidelines and explanations. The presentation describes the project, the methodology and the resulting features.

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